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Bachelor of engineering in environmental engineering

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The ASU Environmental Engineering Program teaches students about the technology and tools required to practice Professional Environmental Engineering. Environmental issues are a global challenge faced by all countries. Environmental engineers apply science and engineering principles to improve the natural environment to provide clean water, air and land for human habitation. They work on air pollution control, water and wastewater treatment, waste management, alternative energy and conservation in both the public and private sectors. This program aims to fulfil the growing demand for qualified environmental engineers. Emphasis of the ASU Environmental Engineering Program is placed on engineering, scientific, and technical courses so that the requirements for professional-engineering licensure are met. The curriculum was chosen to concentrate on the application of environmental engineering principles to the solution of real world environmental-engineering problems. 


The taught elements of the program comprise an integrated package of University requirements, College requirements, Major requirements and Technical elective courses. All students must also complete an eight-week internship training course in addition to the taught courses of the program.


Students seeking admission to this program must fulfill the following minimum entry requirements: 
a. The student should have successfully passed the courses of all subjects of the general education diploma or its equivalence.
b. The student should achieve the standards set for the subjects of the General Foundation Program.
c. The student should have passed the following subjects to qualify for enrollment in the College of Engineering: Pure Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry
d. The student must be medically fit.


Full time.
Full time degree students can complete the program in 9 semesters (four and half years) on achieving 137 credit hours of study.

Special Part-Time or Evening Study.
Students may complete the program through special part-time attendance or by evening study.


The program facilitates entry to job and work opportunities in a number of markets and industrial settings such as:
o    Design and consulting firms
o    Municipalities and government organizations
o    Oil companies
o    Water companies
o    Energy firms   
o    Environmental Protection Agencies; etc

The graduate from this program can also pursue postgraduate studies and improve their academic qualifications by pursuing a Master’s degree.

University Requirements

Islamic Civilization
English Communication Skills I
English Communication Skills II

Major Requirements

Engineering Laboratories
Engineering Geology
Civil Engineering Materials
Renewable Energy
Environmental Chemistry
Environmental Microbiology
Environmental Measurements
Solid Waste Management
Air Pollution
Water and Wastewater Treatment
Environmental Law
Environmental Engineering
Thermo-fluids Engineering
Hydraulics Engineering
Engineering Hydrology
Engineering Project Management
Hydrogeology & Groundwater Contamination
Capstone Design Project I
Capstone Design Project II
Water Resources Engineering
Desalination Engineering
Environmental Impact Assessment
Environmental Engineering Electives (3 Courses)

College Requirements

Calculus I
Calculus II
Computer Applications
Probability and Statistics
Physics I
Physics II
Engineering Drawing
Technical Writing and Presentation
Calculus III
Engineering Economics
Numerical Methods
Linear Algebra
Differential Equations
Summer Internship

Technical Electives

Building Information Modelling
Advanced Wastewater Treatment
Industrial and Hazardous Waste
Environmental Pollution
Climate Change
Waste and Energy
Sustainable Engineering
Construction Methodology